My motivations for setting up this site are probably similar to anyone else’s. Mostly because I wanted a place on the internet that wasn’t owned by someone else, and that I could change or add to in any way I wanted. I doubt this will get much traffic, and don’t care. I also doubt I’ll add to this site much: most of the things I say on a daily basis are too inappropriate for me to be comfortable attributing to myself, or too lame for anyone to care reading about.

I know it’s pathetic starting my first blog in the waning hours of 2008, but better late than never, right?

One comment.

  1. Hope you don’t mind the note and don’t go making a big deal about this or anything, but I didn’t want to let a chance go by to let you know someone around thinks you’re pretty great (it’s me, in case you weren’t getting that). And one day, I’ll have the nerve to say it to you in person outside of class. Maybe…

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