Thesis Defense

Roles for Six6 and Bmal in circadian biology and reproduction.

Friday, December 2nd, 2011
4:00 PM
Leichtag 107

Committee in charge:
Pamela L. Mellon, Chair
Nicolas S. Spitzer, Co-Chair
Mark A. Lawson
Cornelis Murre
Satchidananda Panda
David K. Welsh

As I furiously write up two research papers and a dissertation, I wanted to give you some information on my thesis defense. For those of you who will benefit from it, here is a map:

The yellow star is the Leichtag building, and room 107 is the main lecture room on the first floor adjacent to the huge lobby. Parking can be found at the blue stars, with payment for said parking available at the red stars.

The talk will last for an hour or so, with time afterwards for questions from the audience and my committee, followed by a committee-only discussion.

If my committee deems my work sufficiently meritorious, all are welcome to a post-defense happy hour following all of this.


  1. :( I will be in the field aboard East Miramar for Marine Corps training that date. Unfortunately I must miss this event brother.

  2. We look forward to this special event!

  3. Dan,

    As we are unable to attend, you will be in our thoughts and prayers. We know your defense will be more than adequate – and the committee will readily endorse you and your efforts. With that in mind, we are sending a small memento, carried by those attending (your parents).

    May your academic future be bright!

    With pride…
    Grandma and Grandpa F.

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