• Laboratory of Pamela L. Mellon
  • Ph.D. thesis work on the role of the circadian clock in the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal reproductive axis. Investigating the role of circadian gene, Bmal, in reproduction. Utilizing transgenic mouse lines to achieve tissue-specific inactivation of Bmal. Molecular Biology, Cell Culture, Small Mammal Surgery, RT-qPCR, Microscopy, Experimental Design, Data Analysis.

  • Laboratory of Satchin Panda
  • Ph.D. rotation project. Investigated the circadian behavior of various genes identified in a previous screen. Molecular Biology, Cell Culture.

  • Laboratory of Nicolas C. Spitzer
  • Ph.D. rotation project. Investigated the role of neurotransmitter expression in Xenopus nervous system differentiation. Determined the embryonic-lethal threshold level of cDNA expression vector. Molecular Biology, Oocyte Injection, Microscopy.

  • Laboratory of William B. Kristan
  • Ph.D. rotation project. Investigated the behavior of Hirudo Medicinalis interneurons innervated by the pressure-sensitive “P” sensory neurons. Determined the identity and response patterns of theses P-interneurons using optical imaging dyes. Optical Imaging Dyes, Electrophysiology.



  • Laboratory of Evan Y. Snyder
  • Pre-graduate school research technician project. Investigated the restorative potential of mouse neural embryonic stem cell transplantation in a mouse model of Sandhoff Disease. Determined that perinatally transplanted nES cells are capable of differentiation into neuronal, astrocytic, and microglial fates, as well as having a positive (ameliorative) impact on progression of the disease state. Microscopy, Behavioral Analysis, Stem Cell Transplantation.



  • Laboratory of Chris Colwell
  • Undergraduate research assistant project. Worked on the roles of PACAP and VIP on circadian rhythm parameters in knockout mouse models of each. Animal Husbandry, Circadian Data Analysis.