Posts from 2012.

Merry Christmas! (Skrillex hangs lights…)

This is pretty much. The pulse-width modulation fade-on and fade-off effects are the subtlest, gorgeousest effects this guy did (~0:30). When I get a house? This.

Also, the bass, snare, and hi-hats trees out front rock.

CVS answer to SunnyD n Rum


Bird hits window. Leaves print.

This cute little dude arrived just in time for October.

Also, Camera360 does a pretty decent job with the lens on my Droid 3.

What if we tried more power? XKD Laser Pointer

These keep on being fantastic!

Errrrmgrrrrd! Lrrrrly Lrrrrrdbetterrrrr!


prrrrreposterrrrously irrrrrreverrrrrent!

Pretty much the definition of how I roll.


How much more independAnt can you get?


Bar in Kansas with an official list of barred customers. FTW.


Pretty sure I just discovered the best thing in Missouri.


So we were wandering around trying to find Pirtle Winery. Then, we found that place in the picture. You kind of wander down a couple flights of stone stairs underground.

Then you’re in this awesome bar.