I’m Dan.

Like I said, I’m Dan.

This site serves primarily as my on-line CV, secondarily as a place for my infrequently-updated blog, and tertiarily as a place for me to play around with WordPress. Related to this: I got my start in web design when I grew so fed up with WebCT, that I decided to make my own course website from “scratch.”

I am likely so far down the Google search results that no one would ever find me. To clarify: I am neither a hockey player, nor a British actor-comedian, nor a auto racing driver, nor a nineteenth-century New Hampshire Republican, nor a non-profit-organization-consultant-coach-guru, nor an American actor, nor a Candadian actor-polititian, nor this guy, nor a motivational speaker, nor a seventeenth-century New Orleans representative, nor a Topeka realtor, nor Nitro, the American Gladiator, nor this web developer, nor a graphic artist, nor a professional baseball player, nor a Tasmanian cyclist, nor an NFL linebacker.

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